10 Postures For A Peaceful Restorative Yoga Practice

Rachel Hull

Here is a Restorative Yoga sequence for you to explore, consisting of 10 nurturing postures. It has been designed for general use for people without serious injury. Although the postures themselves are very gentle, only practice to a level that feels comfortable and feel free to adjust the height of the bolsters/blankets to a level that works for you.

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Yin Yoga For Back Bending With Ease & Grace

Melanie Cooper

Back bending with ease and grace requires that the Hip flexors (front of the hips), shoulders, and the whole of the front of the body are flexible and strong.
Yin Yoga is a way of opening the body with passive stretches held for a prolonged period of time. If practised correctly it is a very sure and safe way to work on increased flexibility.

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Life at Yasodhara Ashram: A Young Adult's Experience

Erin Lecky

I went to Yasodhara Ashram earlier this year on the two-week Young Adult Program. Prior to visiting the Ashram I had been living in Japan for four years teaching English and completing a Master

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Divine Feminine

Viriam Kaur

Honouring the Goddess within is a deep form of self-healing. When we honour the Goddess, we create self-respect, self-love and a healing that vibrates through every layer of our being, physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual

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This Yoga Teacher Emergency First Aid course includes the Emergency First Aid at Work (statutory)...
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This Yoga Teacher Emergency First Aid course includes the Emergency First Aid at Work (statutory)...
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