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orchid 6 years 8 weeks ago Divine Feminine
Honouring the Goddess within is a deep form of self-healing.
Chakra Journey 6 years 13 weeks ago Chakra Journey
We all have an innate healing wisdom within us – working on our chakras is a way of tapping into this wisdom.
6 years 26 weeks ago Kundalini Yoga India
Kundalini Yoga - Join the Evolution!
Super Perigee Full Moon on 19 March 2011 photo by Eric Charles 6 years 34 weeks ago Full Moon Sadhana
The full moon shines a light on us… When the moon is full, there is often no hiding place, it creeps into our thoughts and dreams, it often disturbs our sleep, it is a time of evaluation and
Aurora 6 years 37 weeks ago Making Sounds 3: Rediscover Yourself through Mantra
Mantra invites us to see ourselves more clearly. Mantra uplifts the soul and brings us closer to God.
Article by Viriam 6 years 41 weeks ago Making Sounds 2: The Science of Mantra
Mantra uplifts the soul, but also works to purify the mind and body. In yogic philosophy and eastern medicine, it is recognized that there are 72,000 nadis (energy lines/meridians) coursing through...
Article by Viriam 6 years 43 weeks ago Making Sounds Introduction: Freeing the Mind with Mantra
Mantra takes us deeper into yoga, deeper into ourselves. Mantra literally means to vibrate the mind – when we chant, we are creating space in the mind for meditation... for transformation. We...
Article by Viriam 6 years 44 weeks ago Healing with Prana
Prana is our divine breath - the vital life force present in all things. The energy of Air, it is subtle energy which travels through the nadis in the body (Nadis in Ayurvedic/Yogic medicine,...
Article by Viriam 6 years 44 weeks ago Finding a Teacher
As a yoga teacher, I often wonder what it is that draws a student to their teacher. Time and again I hear people talk of their teachers with such reverence – they have been drawn to their light...


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