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1 year 40 weeks ago Sushmna Yoga Teacher Training Program
Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training is fully recognized and accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, taught by internationally highly respected teachers in their field.
3 years 22 weeks ago Ishvara Pranidhana
Ishvarapranidhana means love and surrender to the divinity within the individual.
Yoga article 3 years 35 weeks ago 7 Things to know about Natural Detoxing
Natural detoxing is something that we can do every day by eating well, doing sports, entertaining our brain and being reflective.
3 years 35 weeks ago Marketing And Sales Coordinator
We are looking for a smart friendly colleague, with a strong interest in Marketing & Sales. Does it sound like you? Responsibilities:
Yoga article 4 years 48 weeks ago Teaching yoga is an inside job
Many yoga practitioners often come to a point where they start pondering the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher one day.
Yoga article 4 years 50 weeks ago Teamwork, the yogic way
In the recent times, organizations around the world are succumbing to a working mode, which employs teamwork as its central and essential element.
5 years 29 weeks ago Sushumna School and Studios
Welcome to the Sushumna Yoga School & Studio's in Goa, on the west coast of India.


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