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Restorative yoga poses 6 years 20 weeks ago 10 Postures For A Peaceful Restorative Yoga Practice
Here is a Restorative Yoga sequence for you to explore, consisting of 10 nurturing postures. It has been designed for general use for people without serious injury.
Photo of Rachel Hull taken by Haidar Ali, at Spirit Yoga, Osaka, Japan. 6 years 30 weeks ago Restorative Yoga: Postures to Soothe Your Nervous System and Calm the Mind
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the fast pace of the modern world and that feeling of ‘frayed nerves’ that can arise if we don’t take some time out to nurture ourselves.
Article by Rachel 6 years 39 weeks ago Background History of Ayurveda
The traditional healing system of India is called Ayurveda, which is often translated as ‘The Science of Life’. In the last article, I introduced the concept of the gunas or qualities of...
Gunas of the Mind - Sattva, Rajas & Tamas 6 years 44 weeks ago Gunas of the Mind - Sattva, Rajas & Tamas
According to Ayurveda, Samkhya philosophy and Yoga, all of creation is made up of three qualities called sattva, rajas and tamas. These qualities (gunas), along with our physical constitution,...


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