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kapotasana 6 years 9 weeks ago Yin Yoga For Back Bending With Ease & Grace
Back bending with ease and grace requires that the Hip flexors (front of the hips), shoulders, and the whole of the front of the body are flexible and the muscles in the back are strong.
Yin Yoga for Lotus Hips 6 years 16 weeks ago Yin Yoga for Lotus Hips
Padmasana or Lotus can be one of the most challenging and frustrating poses for a yoga practitioner.
Shiva idol wearing garland 6 years 36 weeks ago Is this Spiritual?
“Spiritual” is a concept or term often bandied around in yoga circles. It can be confusing for anyone to make sense of it all - but especially a new student.
When Yoga Makes You Angry 6 years 39 weeks ago When Yoga Makes You Angry
One Aspect of the Psychology of an Asana Practice: Unexplained feelings of depression and anger.


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