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5 years 23 hours ago Ashtanga led classes at Barefoot Yoga, Sydney, Paddington
Weekly classes from 26 November 2012 on Mon/Wed/Fri from 6.30 AM till 8.00 AM. Classes are on DONATION!
Desperate Ashtangis 5 years 34 weeks ago Desperate Ashtangis. Series II. Episode: Kapotasana.
One day I walked into an Ashtanga yoga class without realizing what a long path I was going to walk, without knowing that this would be a life-changing experience.
Article by madinska 5 years 41 weeks ago Ashtanga invocation. Simple explanation.
Ashtanga practitioners chant this verse 6 days a week before the practice, and the meaning behind it is very beautiful.
Article by madinska 5 years 49 weeks ago Muladhara chakra
Mula (root) dhara (base) chakra is the lowest located chakra, the ball of red light at the base of our spine.
5 years 49 weeks ago Chakras. Simple explanation.
As a yoga practitioner I bet you have heard of the word “chakra”.
5 years 49 weeks ago Yogamandala
Madina Tanekeyeva is ashtanga vinyasa practitioner and teacher. She was a co-founder of Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam, the very first ashtanga dedicated yoga studio in Amsterdam.


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