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5 Tips For Keeping Your Yoga Practice On Track 5 years 26 weeks ago 5 Tips To Keep Your Yoga Practice On Track
So, you've read How To Survive Your First Yoga Class and everything is going great. You have been doing yoga but you can feel yourself slipping. Here are 5 easy tips for keeping yourself on the...
City Guide: Berlin 6 years 6 weeks ago City Guide: Berlin
Berlin is a mecca for history, art, music, fashion, fun… and yoga?  This Bohemian refuge probably isn't high on your list of yoga holiday destinations but think again.
6 years 11 weeks ago When It Pays To Take A Pay-Cut
Stress is a leading killer in the western world.  Would you leave your stress filled career if you thought it would let you live a longer healthy life?  More people are choosing peaceful
Yoga stops traffick 6 years 42 weeks ago Yoga Stops Traffick on 12 March 2011
On March 12th 2011 thousands of yogis around the world will roll out their yoga mats and do 108 sun salutations, to raise funds and awareness for victims of human trafficking in India. Last year...


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