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Meditation 5 years 10 weeks ago Meditation and Walking
Meditation is utilized by many cultures. It is a method of deep thinking or contemplation concerning the past, present or possible future events.
Yoga article 5 years 12 weeks ago Mind Control Techniques
The techniques for Silva Mind Control include meditation, hypnosis, binaural beats, and music.
Article by JillMagso 5 years 23 weeks ago Understanding the Throat Chakra
Originally known as vishuddha in Sanskrit, the throat chakra is one of the seven main chakras or energy centers found in the human aura.
meditation 5 years 25 weeks ago Meditation techniques: Mindfulness Meditation
One of the most compatible methods of meditation is known commonly as ‘mindfulness meditation’.
The Nadis: The Life Force Energy Channels 5 years 25 weeks ago The Nadis: The Life Force Energy Channels
In Western yoga, the main emphasis is placed on the chakras.
Article by JillMagso 5 years 30 weeks ago Mudras and Chakra Meditation
A mudra is a bodily posture, typically a hand gesture, with symbolic meaning. Each mudra corresponds with an energy center.


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