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Writing articles at World Yoga Network is actually very easy. Just follow these steps and you could be published in no time!

1 Click on the link at the bottom of this page (or use this direct link:

2 Choose an article category and some optional key-words (tags), then add your title and text. You can also add an image, but this is optional. In the main text, you can use some formatting (but don't go too crazy with it - make sure it remains clear to readers!). See the article submission guidelines for more info.

3 At the bottom of the page there are two options. You MUST pick one:

  • 'Draft' - Choose this if you are not finished writing and want to continue editing later - i.e. "Work in Progress".
  • 'Review' - Choose this if you are finished and want to submit the article for review by a site editor.

4 Click 'Preview' to see how your work will look when published, then click 'Save'.

5 If you selected 'Review' in step 3, an editor will check your article and either give recommendations for changes or publish it. If you selected 'Draft' in step 3, you can return to it later and continue working on it.


That's it! To get started submit an article here


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