Best kind of yoga for a beginner?

Hi! Can anyone tell me what the best kind of yoga is to start off with? I've never done any yoga before, but I've heard there are lots of different styles. Thanks! :)

Yoga convenience account far

Yoga convenience account far exceeds the absolute time of posture. One of the a lot of accepted affidavit why humans began practicing yoga is to advance their bloom and well-being. Yoga is the Union.

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Yoga for a beginner is an

Yoga for a beginner is an exciting time when you start to discover all of the wonderful benefits that yoga has to offer. When you first begin yoga, there are several things you can do to make your experience positive.

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I agree with roypotter here.

I agree with roypotter here. Finding a style that suits you is important, of course, but a good teacher who knows about safe modifications (alternative postures) and adjustments (instructor physically moves you while you are in a position) is crucial.
For example, I've been in classes where, after informing the instructor about a knee injury, all they did was to say "watch that knee" every now and then while I was already in the pose, which isn't very good, really.
A good instructor will show you the modified version of a pose and also tell you specific injuries to be aware of *before* you start. Adjustments will probably be very gentle.
I know from experience that injury avoidance is a priority, as you don't want to be unable to do any yoga (or anything else, for that matter!) for days or weeks at a time because of a mishap on the mat. Easing in to yoga gently is definitely the way to go!

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Best Yoga Form for beginners

I would advice to start off with Hatha Yoga, and that too under the supervision of an experienced teacher. A good teacher will make corrections so you do not get hurt and can also offer modifications wherever needed.

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It really depends on what

It really depends on what your goals are. For example, if you want something nice and relaxing, while still getting the benefits, maybe a hatha class would be good. On the other hand, if you like working-out and feel up for a challenge, then perhaps ashtanga would be more suitable. The best way is to try out a few classes of various styles/teachers and see what suits. Hope that helps!

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