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I want to do an advanced teacher training. I want to learn more about developing a deeper understanding of class structure and asana sequencing.
I want to develop the skills needed to create better classes while deepening my own practice.
I am willing to travel just about anywhere for the 'right' teacher.
Any ideas?

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Teacher training

Hi yoganerd, 

You might want to take a look at BookYogaRetreats, they have helpfully listed teacher trainings (different levels) worldwide. You will also find reviews there which is helpful to compare the options. 

Hope this helps, enjoy! 

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Hi YogaNerd, i must say you

Hi YogaNerd, i must say you that just try Yoga Teacher Training classes in Yoga Education Institute Australia. It gives you Best Results in Yoga for developing your skills.
If you want more details then log on to intensive yoga teacher training

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New advanced level 2 training at Brahmani Yoga in Goa

Hi YogaNerd, It sounds like this new Level 2 Teacher Training at Brahmani yoga with could be right for you. It is aimed at those who have completed a 200 hour level 1 teacher training and be teaching regular classes for at least 18 months. You have had a regular daily practice for at least 4-5 years.

"Through a daily immersion into the depths of Asana, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Julie and Emil will guide you to unfold as a practitioner, a teacher, and a yogi. This 3 week intensive will cover 200 plus hours (YA registered) at Level 2, and participants will learn to integrate skills and knowledge beneficial not only for teaching, but also for an advanced home practice.

This residential course includes accommodation and a daily yogic diet prepared by Ayurvedic chef Mani of Satsanga Retreat."

For more details see:

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@Marina_JI don't think

@Marina_J I don't think there's any substitute for being taught in person by experienced teachers. Especially for advanced yoga teacher training.
I think books can supplement your learning (as with any subject) but not replace teachers.

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Teachers Training Courses


i recommended AIM YOGA INSTITUTE from Mumbay
you can check more details in Yogaalliance page


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What about a trip to Mysore for some practice?


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Hi, Matthew Sweeney supposedly does a very good one, I have never been, but have had several teachers who have practiced with him who are brilliant and highly recommend him. He is doing a course in Byron Bay this November plus one in Thailand sometime in 2012. I was looking for an Ashram style retreat, anyone happen to know of something like that which doesn't charge you to stay? The ones i seem to find on google all seem to charge an extortionate amount which seems odd to me, not that I mind paying, but I would like to do some kind of Karma yoga program, and don't have a ton of cash.

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Hey Morven13, just out of

Hey Morven13, just out of interest, what price ranges are you talking about? I see very different prices, but they are definitely not cheap for the most part.

Matthew Sweeney is an excellent practitioner and teacher. I met him in Goa in 2013.

Shameless plug alert!! I also had the chance to photograph him while there (my other job ;) ) ...

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something shorter

Thanks for the reply Rachel.

I think I am looking for something short and intense. I have already completed a 300 hour training and I don't want to do another, as I don't really have the time or money. I would rather just do some continuing education at this point.

Has anyone come across any programs like this?


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Advanced Teacher Training

Hi Yoganerd :-)

Shakti Spirit Yoga is offering an Advanced Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali in 2012.

It is a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - specialising in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and alignment based asana, Yoga Moves classes-including mini Vinyasa sequences and transitioning, adjusting etc. As well, we incorporate aspects of Ayurveda, including a 24 hour marma point massage component.

The training will run from 1 April - 13 May, 2012. It runs for 6 weeks (300 hours) and seems to offer what you are looking for, plus much more.

Teachers include: Rachel Hull & Fela Adebiyi (asana, adjustments etc), James Newman (anatomy & Yoga Therapy in the Vinyasa Krama/Viniyoga tradition), Emil Wendel (intermediate level philosophy & pranayama)& Dr Sujatha Kekada (Ayurvedic Dr - Ayurveda and marma points).

The training is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level (so if you add these hours to the 200 hour training you have already completed, you can upgrade to the 500 hour level).

See the website for more details if this interests you: (click on the relevant picture on the Home page, which will take you to the Level 2 Training pages).

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Yoga teacher

Is there any alternative of Yoga teacher. Can we take help of book?

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In my view there is no

In my view there is no substitute for a good teacher. Once you have a good foundation (understanding of breathing, alignment, how to know your limits, etc) perhaps a book could be useful, but without that, I think it's very likely people would develop bad (or dangerous) habits.

Of course, I'm refering to asana here. For philosophy/awareness, etc, I reckon it's possible to get a lot from a book (or just looking around you :)