Where is the best place to do yoga in your home town?

If a yogi was going to visit your home city or town, where would you suggest they practice?

Visiting West Africa ?

Lila Yoga Abidjan ... LYA - Ivory Coast- the first space for your Yoga in Ivory Coast - located in the down town middle of the city - vinyasa yoga flow - ashtanga vinyasa - yin yang yoga - hatha yoga - prenatal yoga - kids yoga and pilates classes -
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web: www.lila-yoga.net
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Lila Yoga Abidjan - LYA

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Best Place is Byron Shire Classes

In a small town of New South Wales, Australia, I recommend the Byron Shire Classes by Louise Solomon. She is the creator of Yoga and Pilates. Actually, it is the combination of two weight loss exercises.

You might want to check it out at http://yogalates.com.au

Hi I am Sarah Sanders and a Yoga fanatic. I had the most rejuvenating experience of my life. I met a lot of wonderful people that shared their pleasurable experience in Yoga.

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Good information by YogaDeals. It is really wonderful place to for do yoga because of their their yoga trainers which gives your complete knowledge and training..

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A little place in North Hollywood

The is an amazing little place in North Hollywood (the valley in the Los Angeles area) call Jade Apple Yoga and it is fantastic.

They have a variety of teachers and types of Yoga.

"A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves." -T. Guillemets

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I love yoga in Toronto!

In fact Toronto could make a perfect 'City Yoga Holiday'... as long as it's in the summer, of course.

These are my 3 personal favorites, not in any particular order.

The Downward Dog www.downwarddog.com
The Yoga Sanctuary www.theyogasanctuary.net
The Octopus Garden www.octopusgardenyoga.com

There are new studios opening all of the time, the next time I am in Toronto I will explore some of the new yoga hot spots!

Joanne Smallwood www.worldyoganetwork.com

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