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If the flame of a candle flares up with the power of your knowledge, then you caught the secret of this life.

The Evolving Life of Yoga

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Many people people think of yoga as an ancient art preserved from thousands of years ago. It is, but it is also an evolving science.

Raja Yoga - Way to Reach One’s Ultimate Goal

As stated by Swami Vivekananda & in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Raja Joga’ refers to the splendid path or uppermost path, to God-unification.

Sa Saintete le Dalai Lama- Fribourg 2013

Sa Saintete le Dalai Lama- Fribourg 2013

Fribourg, Suisse les13-14 Avril, 2013 – L'évènement tellement attendu- Un évènement  unique et extraordinaire – 6 mois d'attente et de patience

Helicoidal Flow: Yoga as a Body Holiday

Nautilus spiral

Spiralling or helicoidal flow is an omnipresent phenomenon in nature. As humans, we have the choice to consciously join this pattern of movement that can lead us into freedom.


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
― Maya Angelou

Practicing Non-Attachment

Practicing Non-Attachment

"Identifying what you are attached to is the first step in letting it go."

Teamwork, the yogic way

Yoga article

In the recent times, organizations around the world are succumbing to a working mode, which employs teamwork as its central and essential element.

Live Your Yoga

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Today, when I came back to my car after grocery shopping, I was preoccupied. I felt lonely and sad and was trying to figure out why.

Ashtanga invocation. Simple explanation.

Article by madinska

Ashtanga practitioners chant this verse 6 days a week before the practice, and the meaning behind it is very beautiful.


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