Travel: food of the soul

Travel: food of the soul

Someone wise once told me that the quickest route to self-discovery is to surround yourself with the unknown.

Oh my back!

San Francisco

If you are like me, travelling is a real pain in the....back!  I travel ALOT and whether it is by plane, train, automobile or boat, it always helps to bring a few yoga moves along to restore m

Taking Yoga on the Road

Taking Yoga on the Road, Fanny Barry

I love yoga.  And I love to travel.  Both feed my soul in a way that is hard to beat.  So I do both as often as possible.

City Guide: Berlin

City Guide: Berlin

Berlin is a mecca for history, art, music, fashion, fun… and yoga?  This Bohemian refuge probably isn't high on your list of yoga holiday destinations but think again.


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