Personal Productivity Tips for Yogis

Personal Productivity Tips for Yogi

Yoga Vasistha, one of the greatest  texts on yoga phylosophy, states that a person can achieve everything in his or her life without anger, ruffle or excitement, being calm and relaxed.

A Mid-Life Crisis, First World Style

Yoga article

It was less than a year ago when I was sitting in my apartment, thinking that life was comfortable.

Can You Live With Mind-Phone-Ess?

Yoga article

I've been hearing the news about UNICEF and Giorgio Armani's campaign, the one that rewards you for not touching your phone for 10 minutes in exchange for giving a day of water to a child i

Yoga for Amazing Abs

A toned abdomen is considered a sign of a healthy body. There are many who wish to reduce their waistline to feel good when they wake up every morning and be able to wear the clothes they want.


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