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Does a Yogi Need to take Supplements?

Does a Yogi Need to take Supplements?

Many bodybuilders take special supplements to maximize workout effects and promote muscle growth.

7 Things to know about Natural Detoxing

Yoga article

Natural detoxing is something that we can do every day by eating well, doing sports, entertaining our brain and being reflective.

Your Body is Your Ultimate Health Guru


Believe in miracles – because you are one.

Seven Desk Exercises For a Stronger Back

Patricia Englebaugh

Back muscles often get overlooked in workouts, but as most office workers know, they're some of the first muscles to get sore during long days in front of the computer, hunched over your

Yoga for Geeks

om keyboard

Computer users, deskbound workers and web addicts: stop, breathe and read!

Yoga Diet

Article by Vidya Heisel of Suryalila SL

Yoga is a very holistic approach to health and many guidelines about personal hygene and diet can be found in the ancient yogic texts.

Claire Bevilacqua, bio-live super foods, Eckhart Tolle

Bio-live super foods! :)



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