Article Submission Guidelines

This page outlines how to contribute to the site by writing articles and reviews, and also by getting involved in the wiki.

1. Submitting Articles

  1. Sign up for a membership. (Only members can submit articles. Don't worry - it's free!)
  2. Click on "Create content" in the sidebar menu, then click 'Article'. Or go to 'Articles' > 'Add an Article' from the main navigation. (alternatively click here).
  3. Fill in the form, making sure you complete all necessary sections (e.g. Article category).
  4. Supply a title and either type or paste your text into the text-box.
  5. You can add a bit of formatting to the text. Check out the style guidelines below for more details on formatting. Relevant links are OK, but no gratuitious linking to your own sites.
  6. Click "preview" at the bottom of the page and check that everything looks OK.
  7. IMPORTANT: There are 2 options at the bottom of the page, just above the 'Save' button:
    • 'Draft' - If you want to save the article without submitting it (e.g. if you want to continue writing it at a later date) check the 'Draft' option at the bottom of the page and click save.
    • 'Review' - When you're happy with your article, check 'Review' and click "save" at the bottom of the page.
  8. The article is now saved and automatically submitted for our editors to check. Note that this may take some time. There is no need to contact us during this period. The editor will then do one of two things:
    • If the article fits in with the writing guidelines, then the article will be published and viewable shortly after.
    • If the article needs some more work before it can be published, the editor will send a quick note giving some recommendations so that you can edit and resubmit the article.

2. Editorial Guidelines

A well-written article has a far greater chance of being published, and increases the returns for the author, such as increased traffic and reader-loyalty.

These editorial guidelines are in place to ensure the submitted articles meet a minimum standard of quality. Please make sure you read and comply with these guidelines prior to submitting an article on World Yoga Network.

All articles are manually approved, your article must meet our editorial guidelines in order to appear on World Yoga Network.

If you articles do not meet these editorial guidelines, they may be edited by our staff (changed), disapproved, or deleted all together.

  • Be Original - This means the article is something you wrote. The article(s) you post on World Yoga Network must be original.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Always reference your sources.
  • Be informative and share your unique expertise. Include tips, strategies, techniques, case-studies, analysis, opinions and commentary in your articles.
  • Your article must not be a press release, advertisement, sales letter, promotional copy, or blatant and/or excessive self-promotion or hype. Most readers will be more likely to gain an interested in your article if you provide information, rather than provide a sales pitch.
  • A personal-yet-professional tone works well. Avoid overly-long words (unless no other will do) and try to keep sentences concise and to the point.
  • Structure articles however you feel fit. There are no absolute rules where this is concerned. However, having a clear beginning, middle and end often works well.
  • Spelling and grammar are important. As well as making your article more readable, people are also more likely to take on board what you say if it is well-written. In addition to this, search engines and automated translation services can deal with your articles more accurately, thus giving you a wider audience.
  •  Try to keep articles between 500-2000 words.  If you need to say more you can break it up into a series. Minimum 500 words.
  • Fill in all of the details in your profile. Include a bio, photo and fill in your Author Name. These will be used in the signature and make valuable links back to you.
  • Time to publish will vary depending on the number of articles waiting to be checked. Please do not contact us to verify whether we have received your article.
  • A maximum of 2 links to external websites are allowed in the body. The signature and biography are there if want to link. In general, people do not enjoy reading lengthy, thinly-veiled self-promotion or advertisement. If you are looking to advertise, post a listing or see our advertisers information page. We reserve the right to remove any links to external sites.
  • Your article must not contain pornography, hate or violence-oriented language, obscene or profane language, or information on how to do anything which is illegal, such as bomb making, hacking, or cracking codes, making of illegal substances, or weapons. Must not contain any content that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

3. Formatting Guidelines

  • Titles should have the first letter of each word capitalised. Do not use all-caps. Short titles that make the subject clear, yet intrigue reader are the goal here.
  • Do not use all capitals within the titles or article body.
  • Single space after each period, colon, or semi-colon.
  • Periods should be inside of quotes.
  • When doing "..." -- you should use exactly 3 dots minimum and maximum.
  • When using dashes, use two in a row, e.g.: "--".
  • There is never a space BEFORE a period or BEFORE a comma.
  • Observe proper use of apostrophes.

4. Resources

To get published quicker, we strongly recommend referring to the following free resources when writing articles:

  • The Elements of Style

Read it, then read it again! (Or just dip into it to find what you're looking for)

  • WebGrammar

Website covering common mistakes in spelling and grammar. A useful quick-reference.

5. Rights and Legal Stuff

Please note the following must apply to any submissions:

  • Articles must be your own work and give credit to all relevant sources.
  • You must have permission to publish all of the material submitted by you to World Yoga Network. By submitting your material, you are declaring that we have the right to publish it and that you take on all liability for restrictions that may apply to your submissions. Some sites require exclusivity when publishing articles, and you must inform us of any limitations and/or conditions that may apply.
  • Material that is deemed prejudiced, chauvenistic, or otherwise hateful towards any individuals or groups will not be published. Material that has been published and later found to contain offensive material will be removed.


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