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World Yoga Network is home to teachers, students, gurus, the just plain curious and many others. Our monthly visitor count is growing fast, so it is the ideal place to target the audience you want to hear about your services. We offer rich media advertising opportunities and can create custom sponsorships to suit your needs and budget.

Our Traffic


  • Visitors hail from over 70 countries worldwide.
  • Primarily from US & Canada, UK & Europe, India and Australia.
  • Yoga teachers and studio owners.
  • Yoga students - both serious and casual.
  • Massage therapists, reiki masters and personal trainers.
  • People interested in general health & fitness.


  • To find classes, events, workshops, teacher training courses and retreats - both locally and globally.
  • To find yoga jobs or suitable yoga teachers for their studios & retreats.
  • To discover new perspectives in the world of yoga.
  • To learn from experienced yoga practitioners.
  • To engage with other people with the same interests from around the world.

Advertising Options

We are currently offering 2 advertising methods:

  • Directory Listings (Including business/service listings, event listings & job listings).
  • 300x250 Tiles.

Directory Listings

Directory listing prices
1 Month £4.95
2 Months £7.95
3 Months £9.95
6 Months £15.95
12 Months £25.95

For premium directory/event listings, please go to the directory submission page.


300x150 tiles. These take pride of place at the top of the side-bar and are shown on every page.

300x150 Tile Prices
1 Month £29.95
2 Months £44.95
3 Months £69.95
6 Months £94.95
12 Months £149.95


For enquiries about adding tiles, please contact us using the contact form choosing 'advertising' as the category. (Note that, unlike directory listings, self-submission of tiles is not currently available. This is to limit the number of tiles in rotation and give all a fair amount of impressions).


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